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    August 22, 2018
    2 minute read

    How Gerson Fueled 77% YoY Digital Sales Growth & Expanded Retailers Orders

    by: Caroline Egan

    Managing a global supply chain and over 10,000 SKUs across two divisions and multiple brands requires centralized and accessible product information. For home and seasonal decor manufacturer, The Gerson Companies, consolidating data outside of their Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) became a priority as they looked to increase digital sales and rid themselves of costly barriers to data accessibility. The 75-year-old company’s digital transformation was led by Orin Borgelt, Chief Technology & Sales Officer. Orin’s vision for the company to have unified global communication and access to product data drove a 77% increase in digital sales year over year and opened a new sales channels for their network of independent retailers.

    Gerson's ability to succeed on the digital shelf was inhibited by their expensive and inflexible ERP. Orin chose Salsify to help centralize data, remove the barriers of data accessibility and syndicate across more channels. As Orin and his team drove adoption of the platform throughout the company it enable the group to drive substantial sales growth.

    Gerson Case Study CTA v2

    In addition to speeding up time to market to major retail channels, Gerson uses Salsify to enable independent retailers with digital capabilities previously unavailable to this critical revenue stream. Orin envisioned utilizing Salsify's Digital Catalogs connected to their ERP as a way to expand inventory for these retailers, and created their own custom Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to open a new sales channel -- providing expanded inventory and drop shipping:

    DropShip Process Gerson

    Orin's vision to drive adoption across the organization has strengthened their global communication, allowed for marketing and sales to be more targeted with their initiatives, and decreased costs associated with their ERP. Gerson's adoption of Salsify has become central to growing revenue, expanding reach with existing retailers, and speeding time to market. 

    Gerson Case Study CTA v2

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