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    February 5, 2016
    2 minute read

    Great Product Content Drives Sales [Infographic]

    by: Peter Crosby

    Takeaway: If you care about increasing ecommerce as well as in-store sales, then you'll want to pay attention. Check out our infographic!

     Retail is all about the product content now. In a world where consumers have more choices available to them than ever, product content is the only way you can make your products shine on the digital shelf and drive more sales both online and in-stores. From rich imagery to more descriptions, product content is what consumers crave and need when they are looking at which products to buy and from which brands to buy from.

    When consumers have options, they want to guarantee that they are making the best choice. So, they look for information. 88 percent of shoppers research products online before they buy them. By providing that content, retailers make sales more easily.

    Beyond that, product content must be accurate. Shoppers want to know exactly what they're getting. Detailed product content is the No. 1 reason why 73 percent of consumers click "Buy." Without that information, retailers are letting sales slip through their fingers.

    To shoppers, images and videos are powerful forms of product content. 67 percent of consumers said that product images are "very important" factors at play when making purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, product pages that feature video content have 68 percent higher order values than those that don't. Shoppers will spend more if they know more, and images and video are the two best ways for retailers to inform them and drive sales.

    Product content works - it's information that wins consumers' dollars. One-third of shoppers buy products from a different company than they first expected after searching online. Product content is a differentiator.

    The shoppers have spoken. They want product content, and if retailers cater to that desire with accurate, complete and rich product content, they will boost their bottom lines. It's simple: great product content pays off in increased sales. Don't trust us? We'll let the numbers speak for themselves. 

    Check out our infographic. If you really love it, be sure to share it on Twitter!


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