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    February 3, 2020
    2 minute read

    Customer Reviews are Crucial to Successful Beauty & Personal Care Products on Amazon

    by: Andrew Waber

    Our latest Product Page Benchmark Report, The Winning Elements of Amazon Beauty & Personal Care Product Pages, reveals an enormous differentiating advantage for brands that earn more customer reviews on their Amazon pages than their competitors. Our analysis of more than 200,000 product pages within the Beauty & Personal Care category live on Amazon for Q2 of 2018, looked at additional factors, such as image count, description length, and bullet count. This data can help guide beauty and personal care brands selling on Amazon when evaluating their product content and to help make improvements that will ultimately increase Sales Rank, sales, and market share.

    The beauty and personal care category is undergoing rapid shift to online shopping – and Amazon’s stronghold of the digital market share is evident. Nearly 70% of consumers say they search for, and purchase beauty and personal care products through Amazon, according to survey by AT Kearney. Get your full copy of the benchmark data so you know what to optimize on your Amazon product pages.

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    Our analysis reflects five segments based on product price point:

    • Basic daily hygiene goods - $9.99 and under
    • Facial treatments, cleansers & supplements - $10 to $29.99
    • Mid-Market detail and cosmetic tools - $30 to $49.99
    • Trusted skin and hair care products - $50 to $99.99
    • Luxury cosmetics & grooming equipment - $100 and above

    Top performing pages featuring benefit-rich feature descriptions and images are helping brands win in the beauty and personal care category. Regardless of the price point, products in the top 10% of sales rank had roughly 20 times more customer reviews as products in the bottom 10% of sales rank. Category leaders are using A+ content, images, and longer descriptions and titles to emphasize the critical benefits and features of their products.

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