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    October 15, 2015
    5 minute read

    Case Study: Simpli Home Quadrupling SKU Counts Powered by Salsify

    by: Peter Crosby

    When Yoram Weinreich runs into an obstacle, he generally busts right through it. Since Weinreich moved his business, the Toronto-based home furnishing manufacturer Simpli Home, online in 2012, the company is growing 100-150% every year. They sell through more than 30 online channels, including, and Amazon, where Simpli Home is one of the top 30 furniture brands. They are quadrupling their SKU counts, on a path from 150 products when they began to sell online to 800 or 900 SKUs by the end of 2016.

    “The new world of online retail is an open window - nobody is blocking my way. My success is my success.”


    Founder, Simpli Home


    Need For Speed

    Speed to market is essential to continuing their spectacular growth. But all those SKUs, into all those channels, meant their manual, copy-and-paste, 30-tabs-of-spreadsheets approach to getting product content to their retailers just wouldn’t cut it. “It was costing me too much time and money to get my product info out to my channels,” Yoram said. 

    “It was costing me too much time and money to get my product info out to my channels.”

    The Salsify Solution

    Enter Salsify. Yoram was on the verge of developing his own product content management system when he found Salsify. Working closely with his Customer Champion at Salsify, Yoram was able to quickly solve the major pain points that were hampering his speed to market. 

    • Create one centralized home for product content truth: Specs and bulletpoints in spreadsheets. Images in Dropbox. Content from customer service. Pricing spreadsheets. In Salsify, Simpli Home was able to combine these multiple sources of product information into one place, accessible by all the related teams.
    • Easily meet retailer product content data requirements: With over 30 active retailers, Simpli Home uses Salsify to map data and images for each on the fly, and easily syndicate product content on demand. No more spreadsheet tabs or outdated specs.
    • Automatically resize and title images: Simpli Home no longer adjusts every image to fit each retailer’s requirements. Salsify does it for them. “We saved a person’s worth of time using Salsify.” state Yoram, “Their built-in digital asset management capabilities let me use my people on more productive tasks.”
    • Provide instant access to accurate product content: With Simpli Home’s rapid onboarding of new SKUs, keeping customer-facing teams up to speed is critical. With a click, Salsify gives Simpli Home’s sales and customer service teams instant access to the latest product content, at home or on the road. “Salsify has a wide range of functionality across my organization,” observed Yoram. “I love it.”

    “We saved a person’s worth of time using Salsify. Their built-in digital asset management capabilities let me use my people on more productive tasks.”

    "In ecommerce, there are no limits"

    Simpli Home’s mission is to design furnishings that “capture the essence of life and create a framework in which life will be lived to the fullest”. Yoram approaches bringing his products to market with the same passion. “In e-commerce, there are no limits. Salsify helps us take the fastest possible advantage of this opportunity.”


    Increasingly, companies are learning that streamlining their product content management process is crucial for ecommerce success. For tips on aligning your company on the importance of product content in ecommerce, read our whitepaper!

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