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    February 7, 2020
    2 minute read

    GDSN Data Pool for Modern Commerce [VIDEO] | Salsify

    by: Salsify

    The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) was built for a brick-and-mortar world where trading partners only needed a limited set of product attributes and had slow-changing data requirements. With the rise of the digital shelf, brands need a data pool that unifies online and offline commerce.

    Watch John Apicella, GDSN product manager at Salsify, talk about how the Salsify GDSN data pool was purpose-built for modern commerce.

    A GDSN Data Pool for Modern Commerce

    Salsify’s fully interoperable, GDSN-certified data pool offers the transparency, control, and flexibility needed to be the best customer for your partners, all backed by our committed partnership with GS1. Our data pool offers the ability to manage and syndicate all your product data — both operational, supply chain data and marketing content.

    Salsify’s GDSN Data Pool allows you to connect with any trading partner, regardless of their chosen data pool, challenging the misconception that brands must subscribe to multiple providers.

    Give teams across your company access to a single source of truth for product content, which will help you maximize efficiency and increase speed to market. Address trading partner requests with flexibility, gain transparent requirement insights, control brand identity, and preserve trust, all within a single, unified platform.


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