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How Often Do Amazon Search Results Change? An Intriguing 6-Hour Study

Salsify | November 12, 2019

For brands selling on Amazon, ranking at the top of search can sometimes seem like an impossible task because requirements and results shift constantly. We wanted to see just how frequently these changes took place.

Amazon Search Results Change Frequently

We completed a simple, non-scientific study: We took two search terms, “spices” and “makeup,” and monitored the results for these phrases on Amazon every hour for six hours. While we anticipated some changes, the final results were intriguing: Every hour saw a different top organic and sponsored search result.

Between brands putting significant spending behind their promotions to Amazon’s recent boost for top-selling products, these results were expected.

Watch our six-hour study of Amazon’s search results below.

Turn Insights Into Actions to Keep Up

Brands must have full visibility into the fine details of their entire product catalogs to optimize product performance. These digital shelf analytics, such as information about brand compliance, search share, competitive price intelligence, and search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations, empower brands to take action quickly and compete with automation.

Brands must be able to turn these insights into actions to win on the digital shelf, and having a holistic view of product data allows brands to stay ahead of the competition.

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