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    March 16, 2018
    2 minute read

    3 Product Experience Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction | Salsify

    by: Andrew Waber

    On yesterday's webinar, I shared the latest data insights from our recent Consumer Research Report. You can listen to the full event on demand by signing up below. For those of you in a hurry, I have shared the three most important product experience tips to know about what your shoppers are looking for on a product page.

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    Three Product Experience Tips to Help You Meet Consumer Demands 

    1. Show them that you know them.

    Customers want to see personalized product pages. 78% of consumers are more likely to buy when they are shown product pages that have personally relevant product content. It’s no wonder brands like Pepsi are taking a closer look at customizing their product content for each market.

     customer experience best practices

    2. Give them a reason to pay the brand premium.

    Price was the most important factor for consumers across all product types surveyed last year. But now, consumers care less about price — especially for considered purchases. When a product has demonstrated trustworthiness, they are willing to spend more on that brand. This means they’ve already had a great experience with the brand, the product content answers their concerns or questions, and there are plenty of positive reviews on the product page.

    3. Maintain accurate listings on every relevant retail site.

    In 2018, 83% of consumers expect to shop more on retail sites. That’s more than expect to shop in store, on brand sites, on mobile apps, or through search engines. It’s critical for you to publish your product content everywhere your shoppers are. We maintain a comprehensive list of the retailers Salsify connects to today.

    Sign-up to watch the webinar to learn about all of the findings in the recent consumer shopping report.

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