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Winning on the digital shelf requires brands to experiment early and often with new sales channels. Salsify helps brands take advantage of emerging commerce opportunities - all managed from a single platform.

Real time

Meet Customers Where They Are, At the Moment of Inspiration

Instagrammers love to discover and shop from brands that inspire them, with more than 130 million people interacting with shopping posts each month*. Now, with checkout on Instagram, you can bring your products closer to shoppers without leaving the app.

Give Shoppers a Simple Path to Purchase

Checkout enhances the shopping experience by making the purchase simple, convenient and secure. People will be able to place orders directly on Instagram within a few taps, and payment credentials are securely saved in the app for future purchases.

Reach New Audiences in Authentic Ways

As a business that uses checkout on Instagram, you can approve creators to tag your products in their posts and stories, giving people even more opportunities to discover your brand. *March 2019, Instagram Internal Data
Instagram and salsify

How Our Integration Makes it Easy for Salsify Customers

  • Grow Sales by Testing and Experimenting with New Channels
  • Manage A Hybrid Selling Model from One Platform
  • Take Advantage of Rapidly Maturing Product Experiences on Social Channels
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new routes to market

Grow Sales by Testing and Experimenting with New Channels

New channels and selling models - like checkout on Instagram - emerge on the digital shelf everyday. Salsify allows you to experiment with new routes to market while remaining focused on your mature channels.
One Platform

Manage A Hybrid selling Model from One Platform

Manage your direct-to-consumer marketplace and your wholesale selling channels in a single PXM platform. Get insights from 3P selling and apply those learnings across all of your selling channels.
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Take Advantage of Rapidly Maturing Product Experiences on Social Channels

As social channels expand their commerce offerings, new product content capabilities and requirements will increase quickly. Salsify will stay on top of these changes, letting you avoid downtime from missing requirements and to offer new experiences before your competitors. Learn More
Checkout on Instagram

Available Today

Checkout on Instagram is available today to select merchants in the US as part of their beta program.

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The product merchandising for this new digital shelf becomes very important for us to be able to manage at scale across our product portfolio and our brands. The ability to quickly experiment with new channels like Instagram on the digital shelf using the familiarity of Salsify is highly valuable for our ecommerce merchandisers. It creates consistency for our teams to centrally manage products across our many Instagram brand accounts.
Eric Long
Senior Manager Digital Marketing