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    Wayfair Extranet

    Wayfair Extranet is a portal that Wayfair suppliers can use to manage product information and logistics.

    What Is Wayfair Extranet?

    Wayfair Extranet is both a logistical tool and a relationship-building tool. Suppliers who sell products on Wayfair can use this portal to input their profile information, manage items, access sales analytics, and collaborate with Wayfair. It’s a one-stop shop for suppliers to maintain the most accurate, consistent product and vendor information possible.

    The main benefit of a supplier portal is that it gives both the supplier and the retailer (in this case, Wayfair) a central hub for managing logistical, operational, and communicative information. Within this portal, suppliers can input product details that align with the system’s regulations, ensuring that all product information remains consistent. Suppliers can also automate tasks within the portal to save time and money — and get their products to customers quickly.

    Wayfair Extranet also benefits Wayfair, enabling the retailer to manage all aspects of their supply chain to ensure smooth operations and streamlined workflows.

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