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    Walmart Supplier Portal

    The Walmart supplier portal is the system that Walmart and Sam’s Club uses to manage vendor profiles and relationships.

    What Is Walmart Supplier Portal?

    Within the Walmart supplier portal, suppliers can set up their profiles using attribute fields set by Walmart and provide key information regarding their relationship with the retail giant. Walmart can then use this information to manage applications, invoices, and fulfillment.

    A supplier portal like this is key to smooth, efficient operations, as it allows vendors and Walmart to maintain the most accurate, up-to-date information within one central hub. 

    The Walmart supplier portal also provides suppliers with a database of resources they can use to explore certifications, streamline their own operations, and facilitate stronger collaboration with Walmart. It also provides retail analytics highlighting sales trends related to the suppliers’ items. Both Walmart and suppliers can use this information to evaluate the success of their sales initiatives. 

    Ultimately, the Walmart supplier portal serves as a central location for communication, collaboration, and data quality control between Walmart and its suppliers.

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