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    Positioning Statement

    A positioning statement is a brief description of a brand or product, how it meets a consumer need, and how it’s unique from others in similar product categories.

    What Is a Positioning Statement?

    A positioning statement can be used to describe either an entire brand’s value proposition or that of a product the brand sells. The statement helps the brand identify and articulate a few key things: who the target consumer is for that brand or product; how the brand or product meets a consumer need or solves a consumer problem; and how the brand or product adds something different to the market segment.

    Typically a positioning statement combines both logistical and value-based details. A car brand, for example, might identify that its cars have the latest safety technology and that the brand is committed to keeping families safe on the road. These two details connect to reveal to consumers what differentiates this car brand from others in the market.

    Brands typically create a positioning statement during the initial kickoff phases of launching their business or products as a guiding light for their initiatives.

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