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    Digital Product

    A digital product is an item that a business sells and a customer acquires exclusively online, such as music, streaming TV shows, or software.

    What Is a Digital Product?

    A digital product — which can include ebooks, videos, music, streaming TV shows, software, online courses, and more — is nearly ubiquitous in today’s culture, making it a highly lucrative options for ecommerce businesses.

    Unlike tangible items, a digital product is sold exclusively in its digital formats, enabling businesses to sell it repeatedly to customers without needing to pay for storage fees or replenish physical items.

    The relative ease of selling these types of products also makes them popular sales items for small businesses and creators. In fact, many creators — such as social media influencers — create and sell virtual and digital products to supplement other initiatives.

    In addition to requiring very little overhead costs, a digital product can also boost customer loyalty. A digital product tends to have high margins and can be delivered to customers nearly instantly, strengthening the customer experience. Businesses can sell digital products via a number of channels, including social media or websites. 

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