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    Customer Experience Data

    Customer experience data are quantitative and qualitative insights collected from consumers based on their experiences interacting with a brand and its products.

    What Is Customer Experience Data?

    The modern customer experience involves a number of touch points, calculated engagements, and a complex sales funnel.

    To evaluate how customers interact with these elements, businesses collect and analyze customer experience data. Then, they make strategic adjustments to their product and marketing initiatives to better serve consumers.

    Customer experience data involves specific metrics, including customer churn, retention, sales, repeat purchases, and loyalty data. More specific key performance indicators (KPIs) for a strong customer experience include:

    • Customer satisfaction scores, collected through direct qualitative consumer feedback;
    • Net promoter scores (NPS) to measure the customer’s willingness to recommend the brand to a friend;
    • Customer lifetime value (CLV) to identify high-value customers who make repeat purchases; and
    • Churn rates to measure the number of customers who drop off within a given period.

    Businesses can use application programming interfaces (APIs) via their social media accounts and websites to gather specific quantitative customer experience data. 

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