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    Brand Personality

    Brand personality is a collection of emotions, behaviors, and other human attributes that a business uses to describe their brand.

    What Is Brand Personality?

    Countless studies have shown that human connection helps strengthen consumer-business relationships. That’s why brands often carefully construct their brand personality to relate and connect with existing and potential customers.

    A brand personality is much like an individual’s personality: It’s made up of the emotional, intellectual, and behavioral qualities that are cultivated over time and that others pick up on when interacting with them. The more consistent and cohesive the brand personality, generally the more connective it can be with consumers.

    Brands can construct their personality by clearly outlining their overarching strategy, including who they want to connect with, how they want to do so, and in what ways they will nurture those relationships.

    A business with a target audience of young gaming enthusiasts, for example, might construct a fun, playful personality. Identifying the traits that authentically represent the brand and resonate with target consumers is key to winning business.

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