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    Brand Channel

    A brand channel is an online account — such as a social media account, website, or marketplace — in which a business engages with customers and promotes its products and brand identity.

    What Is a Brand Channel?

    Ecommerce businesses have a number of sales and marketing channels available to them, through which they can interact with customers, promote their products, and provide a cohesive brand experience. Businesses use these brand channels to ultimately move customers closer to conversion through targeted marketing tactics.

    A brand channel can be an online marketplace (like Amazon or Walmart), a website, content marketing initiatives (like blogs or webinars), influencer accounts, social media accounts, or email marketing. In each of these, the business uses the brand channel to highlight products and engage consumers.

    Because consumers increasingly use several channels before making a purchase, it’s critical for today’s ecommerce businesses to create consistent branding across all channels. In fact, those that foster omnichannel experiences — in which consumers can seamlessly move from one channel to the next without disruption — often win more business than those with siloed channels.

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