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    Amazon Seller Analytics | Amazon Command Center

    April 2, 2019
    5 minute read
    Amazon Seller Analytics | Amazon Command Center

    By the end of this year, Amazon is expected to account for more than half of the total US ecommerce market, according to CNBC.

    It currently dominates the share of the digital shelf sales for several categories, including books, toys, consumer electronics, and office supplies, notes Bloomberg.

    Your success in ecommerce is increasingly dependent on your products’ success on the site. 

    In order to manage reliable digital growth on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, you need a way to consistently and strategically execute across your entire organization for every product detail page. 

    Amazon Category growth in 2018 Bloomberg | amazon seller analytics salsify

    Daily Optimization Is Critical to Winning

    It’s important to iterate and optimize the content on your Amazon PDPs to drive sales. Increase your sales on Amazon by publishing and updating product content faster. The current item set up and content refresh processes are cumbersome and time-consuming. With better product descriptions, pictures, titles and bullet points, you have a higher chance of converting customers. In turn, when you have higher sales conversion, you rank higher on Amazon’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), which helps spin the Amazon flywheel in your favor, compounding today’s success to sustain future performance.



    Introducing Automated Content Submission for Amazon

    Salsify is the first and only vendor to support automated item setup and content refresh for all US Amazon Selling Partners (1P & 3P), across all categories, including Amazon Fresh, Amazon Pantry, and Amazon Business.

    This latest improvement in Salsify’s PXM platform directly addresses the needs of brands who require a true end-to-end solution for Amazon.

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    Several of our customers are already seeing value using our Amazon channels. “This new process has made loading our products to Amazon much more efficient” explained a business analyst at clothing brand Adrianna Papell. The brand was able to reduce its product load time from 2 hours per template to 15-20 minutes per template with Salsify.

    An ecommerce Systems Administrator at kitchen brand Zak Designs Inc., said “I’m so glad this channel is in place! It was very simple, intuitive, and painless to get going.”

    “Salsify has kept its finger on the beat to offer automated solutions to accelerate our efficiencies and help define and deliver on Key Performance Indicators,” said an international ecommerce merchandise manager at toy maker Spin Master.

    “I’m so excited about this Amazon Automated Content Submission,” said VP of consumer engagement at Dorel Juvenile in the baby category. “With, arguably, too much marketing tech, too few trained resources, increasing ad consists and mounting margin pressure, automation and AI are our pressure-relief valves.”

    Whether it’s getting your head above water or surging past your competitors, automation is the new key to winning on Amazon. Ensuring your brand has the right content live on product detail pages will maximize search results and sales conversion. To keep pace with the ever-changing demands of Amazon and your consumer, arm your team with the tools to move quickly.

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    Written by: Rovaira Dasig

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