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    Sales Impact of Product Content | Salsify

    September 6, 2018
    4 minute read
    Sales Impact of Product Content | Salsify

    For brands selling their products online, finding the right balance between optimizing product content and page conversions can be difficult. This balance becomes even harder when dealing with Amazon, which has strict guidelines and rules regarding the information, media and type of content that brands have to provide in order to get a product to be sold on the site. So, what value can robust product content give to a product page? Can that value be leveraged to deliver improved sales rankings and product page conversions?

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    In a new study conducted by Salsify, over 500,000 first page results on Amazon search were analyzed to determine whether factors such as bullets, images, and reviews had any impact on a product’s sales rank and conversions. The findings of this study suggest that when it comes to Amazon, content is king, as products that had higher numbers of all the three elements outperformed competitors, every time.

    The golden rule of product content for Amazon is that more content = higher search ranking and more conversions. Items like images, bullets and reviews play an important role in the buyer’s purchase journey. This study revealed that over 50% of listings which included higher amounts of these three things outperformed those that didn’t - which means that savvy brands that invest in appealing product content are outperforming their competitors that aren’t.

    In these cases where content optimization can yield significant improvement in results, tools like a content grader, an in depth evaluation of product page performance can deliver the actionable insights a brand needs to begin its content optimization process. Shurtech, the leading manufacturer of Duck® and Frog® tape saw a 15% increase in sales rank across 70 products by using AI and machine learning tools to determine which product pages needed robust updates - later modifying them to better fit the market determined content needs.

    Similarly, when it comes to winning within a specific product category and within a predetermined audience, better product content = more sales. When it comes to Amazon product pages, quality of content definitely matters more when compared to quantity. Having robust, actively managed and personalized content that can appeal to consumers has a direct impact on sales and in turn, brands’ market share. Such is the case of e-cloth, manufacturers of organic microfibre cleaning cloths, who instead chose to focus on only optimizing the top 45 product pages that would have the most impact on performance instead of investing in updating all of the product pages it had. Thanks to that strategy, e-cloth saw a 49% improvement in sales rank in just three months.

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    Success on the digital shelf does not just depend on the implementation of long-lasting product content across a multitude of SKUs, it also relies on the ongoing content optimization = better sales rank and competitive advantage. Tailoring content to the environmental, seasonal and immediate needs of the market is essential to remaining within the relevant ecommerce shopping space, and delivering personalized content experiences that will appeal to the consumer is key to gaining and maintaining market share. Learn more about the bottom-line impacts of consistently good product content by watching this webinar, or by reading the data report which explains the findings mentioned above.

    Written by: Maria Lisac-Ramirez

    Maria is a Marketing Co-Op from Northeastern University, with a love of food, dogs, travel, and most importantly, learning about new trends in the tech space.

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