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    Salsify and Instagram Checkout Integration | Salsify

    October 1, 2019
    3 minute read
    Salsify and Instagram Checkout Integration | Salsify

    Salsify is partnering with Instagram to help brands leverage Checkout on Instagram, now in beta with select brands in the US. With more than 130 million Instagrammers already interacting with shopping posts each month, this partnership gives brands the ability to expand their reach and keep pace with the many ways the digital shelf can come to life.

    In March 2019, Instagram launched Checkout on Instagram, which lets brands take advantage of the social connections, storytelling, and brand discovery that Instagram is known for, and combine it with an in-app checkout experience. With Checkout, the entire purchase takes place without leaving the Instagram app itself. With just a few taps, an Instagrammer can move from a shopping post or an influencer post through to purchase.


    Winning on the digital shelf requires brands to experiment early and often with new sales channels

    Salsify helps brands reach beyond their established, volume-driving channels to take advantage of emerging commerce opportunities like Instagram- all managed from a single platform.

    Checkout on Instagram acts as a marketplace where brands need to provide accurate inventory levels and fulfill orders directly to consumers. Salsify’s role in the Instagram partnership includes:

    1. Supplying product data. Product catalogs and product data flow directly from Salsify to Instagram product pages
    2. Syndicating inventory. Sync your inventory to Instagram to keep pace with rapid changes to your available stock.
    3. Connecting with your internal systems. Integrate with your back-office systems to view  orders and shipments from Instagram.

    Beta partners like Coty have begun to use this new social commerce opportunity

    "While we use other social listening and management tools for our Instagram posts and stories, the product merchandising for this new digital shelf becomes very important for us to be able to manage at scale across our product portfolio and our brands,"  said Eric Long, VP of digital product, new technology at Coty.

    "The ability to quickly experiment with new channels like Instagram on the digital shelf using Salsify is highly valuable for our ecommerce merchandisers. It creates consistency for our teams to centrally manage products across our many Instagram brand accounts,” he said. 

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    Written by: Salsify

    Salsify drives results for customers worldwide, empowering them to win on the digital shelf.

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