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    October 18, 2022
    2 minute read

    Product Data Architecture Guide for Brand CIOs [Download]

    by: Salsify

    Salsify publishes a new guide breaking down how brands can survive (and thrive) by future-proofing their retail tech stack for the digital shelf.




    Modern shoppers have modern needs — and these demands have put new pressure on IT departments to meet the increase in speed, scale, and complexity. For brands to survive in this new climate, product information must flow efficiently and effectively.

    But numerous variables make future-proofing your product data architecture an unprecedented challenge, including “hundreds of stakeholders, an ever-expanding set of data types, and constant change in the market,” according to the latest report from Salsify.


    Why Product Data Management Is a Worthwhile Investment

    Investing in product data management can result in sales growth, reduced time to market, and improved operational efficiency. By improving your product information management systems, your brand can find these successes. The solution is following a framework for building, adapting, and scaling your technology stack.

    Future-Proof Your Product Data Architecture

    Salsify has created “The Brand CIO’s Guide to Product Data Architecture” to help brands take steps to future-proof their retail tech stack for the digital shelf. This data architecture guide explores why these investments are urgent for brands and other critical concepts for CIOs, including how to:

    • Make a case for investing in product data management;
    • Leverage a comprehensive framework for building agile architecture; and
    • Leverage data architecture examples to find a fit that works for your brand.

    Gain detailed ecosystem architecture examples based on the size of your organization, business model, and industry. Learn how to build, adapt, and scale your technology stack to meet the needs of the digital shelf.

    Drive Ecommerce Sales With Your Retail Tech Stack

    Download the guide to get everything you need to build a comprehensive framework for building an effective technology stack.

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