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    October 6, 2015

    New White Paper: 3 Points of Strategic Alignment for Brands to Own Their Digital Footprint

    by: Evelyn Hartz

    When it comes to getting consumers to make online purchase decisions these days, it’s clear that “product content is king.” But internalizing this mantra doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges, especially for brand organizations.

    In this white paper, we detail why investing the time in creating and sharing great product content is an opportunity for brands to create sustainable relationships with their retail partners and more effectively sell their products to consumers.

    In this free whitepaper we share:

    • Strategies for creating better product content management processes - that start with just a whiteboard and marker!
    • A guide to all the latest retailer product content requirements, and how to stay on top of them.
    • Best practices that will always keep you in control of how your brand is represented online.

    Interested in learning more? Download “3 Points of Strategic Alignment for Brands to Own their Digital Footprint”.

    Download the Whitepaper

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