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    November 10, 2015
    2 minute read

    New Research E-book: Are Brands ready for the future of ecommerce?

    by: Peter Crosby

    So, as part of my workout routine I go to Barry's Bootcamp. And inevitably, when I'm huffing and puffing on the treadmill, I sneak glances over at the people to my left and right to see how I'm doing in comparison. Sometimes it's depressing, sometimes it's gratifying, but either way it's informative. It puts my effort in perspective among my sweaty peers. 

    We're hoping this new set of research conducted by Echo Cove Research will do the same for you - without the excessive perspiration. As you're making your plans for 2016, take a few moments to see what 200 leaders in ecommerce at brand manufacturers had to say about how they're preparing for the opportunities ahead. 

    Download this e-book to see:

    • The “Frenemies” indicator: How brand manufacturers feel about retailers’ demands for more detailed content
    • More, more, more: how brands expect to grow their sales over the next two years
    • Ecommerce readiness: where brands stand on their perceived readiness for the future of ecommerce
    • Best of Breed benchmarks: how brands that are prioritizing the product content challenge measure up vs. those who are not

    Take a look, see how you stack up. Sometimes it can help inspire you to push just that little bit harder. 

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