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New: How to Sync Your Digital Assets to Salsify from Box

Josh Mendelsohn | February 23, 2016

What’s great product content without images and videos? The short answer is probably not so great product content. In order to make your products stand out on the digital shelf so that shoppers can more easily discover and research your products, they need both rich written product descriptions as well as images and videos because images and videos are just as much a part of a product’s content as written content is. 

That’s why Salsify has made it incredibly easy to get all of the digital assets that you store in your account directly into Salsify. Screen_Shot_2016-02-23_at_12.24.28_PM.pngWe also help you make sure that any new images, videos, or files that you add to Box get in as well.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your Salsify account
  3. Sign into your Box account
  4. Select the folders that contain the assets you want in Salsify

All of this takes all of 60 seconds!

Next you’ll be given the option to Sync Folders. This will sync any items that are uploaded into the folder to your Salsify account automatically. Anything that is in the folder currently will be uploaded into Salsify. Once you press Sync Folders the button will turn red and change to 'Stop Syncing'.

Finally, now that your digital assets have been synced to your Salsify account, you’ll need to decide if you want to connect them to a single product or multiple products, or manage them as standalone assets for future use.

Yeah, it’s really as easy we are making it sound. If you use Box as a way to store your organization’s digital assets, you can now take advantage of them within Salsify with almost no effort. Now that’s great product content management.

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