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    March 7, 2018

    New Consumer Research: Why Product Experiences are What Win Trust in the Digital Age

    by: Andrew Waber

     A survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers who shopped online at least once in 2017, drives home the idea that eCommerce hasn’t killed consumer loyalty or trust in brands, it’s just shifted that trust from brand familiarity or visibility, onto more experiential terms.

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    As one glaring example, in last year’s survey, price was the most important factor for consumers across all product types surveyed. In 2018, particularly for considered purchases, consumers care less about price when a product has demonstrated trustworthiness - they’ve already had a great experience with it, the product content answers their concerns or questions, and there are plenty of positive reviews.

    In short, consumers have grown more discerning before clicking ‘buy’.

    Our new consumer research report, Why Product Experiences are What Win Consumer Trust in the Digital Age, dives deep into this latest survey, including outlining what consumers care about when shopping online, what motivates them to buy or pay more in this environment, and what’s changed in the past year.

    Get a more robust picture, and better adjust, to consumer preferences in 2018

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