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    How To Use Ecommerce Analytics Insights To Optimize Product Content

    July 21, 2020
    5 minute read
    How To Use Ecommerce Analytics Insights To Optimize Product Content

    While most brand manufacturers understand the importance of continually optimizing product display pages (PDPs), many ecommerce teams lack visibility into the content health, performance, and accuracy of live PDPs. Manually monitoring PDPs for hundreds — or sometimes thousands — of SKUs is just not feasible.

    By implementing an ecommerce analytics solution like Salsify Insights, ecommerce teams can gain a holistic view of PDP performance, empowering them to drive commerce strategy by turning insights into action.

    The Salsify Insights Content Module is just one part of this powerful solution and can be used to optimize product content on the digital shelf.

    What Is Ecommerce Analytics?

    Ecommerce analytics is a tool that tracks consumer behavior and PDP performance on select retailer websites, often highlighting data focused on product content quality, pricing, ranking, and availability. These insights give ecommerce teams the ability to monitor a large selection of products without time-consuming processes.

    Salsify Insights are one part of the powerful Salsify Product Experience Management (PXM) platform, which connects teams to their central source of truth for product data to ensure accurate reporting and impactful suggested actions.

    How to Optimize Product Content With Salsify Insights

    Analytics are a critical element of a successful ecommerce strategy, but just having insights won’t help your ecommerce team. The Salsify Insights Content Module shows you what to optimize to continually improve your content on the digital shelf, ensuring seamless integration with your central source of truth and valuable return on investment (ROI).

    This module consists of four reports, which helps teams establish a regular process for monitoring for needed changes and leveraging workflows to automatically assign tasks to the right team members.

    1. Brand Compliance Report

    Between syndication failures or third-party overrides of submitted product content, there are multiple reasons why a PDP may contain inaccurate attributes. The Salsify Brand Compliance Report outlines how third-party (3P) retailers represent your products online, helping you avoid a time-consuming manual review process.

    Using your core Salsify data as the source of truth, it monitors product attribute accuracy, ensuring content consistency for prices, names, main images, and product descriptions on PDPs. The report offers a side-by-side image comparison and gives each product a compliance score to help your team easily update product content.

    2. Product Page Report

    Measuring content health has historically been a struggle for many ecommerce teams, as separating the “good” from the “bad” was mostly subjective. Salsify analyzed over 500,000 best-selling products and conducted extensive market research to create a grading rubric of best practices.

    The Salsify Product Page Report highlights content optimization opportunities using these data-based best practices, helping your team easily identify improvement opportunities and make quick, impactful updates.

    Each page is assigned a letter grade based on the appropriate use of critical attributes, including title length, description length, number of feature bullets, number of images, and quality of images, as well as the average rating and number of reviews. Salsify workflow tasks can also be created to ensure the appropriate team members are notified to make changes.

    3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Report

    Ecommerce SEO helps brands rank higher within the search results of a retailer website, and helps shoppers find the most relevant products. Traditional SEO requires both keyword research and competitor research, making it a large lift for teams with extensive product catalogs.

    The Salsify SEO Report uses machine learning technology to automatically generate keyword suggestions for product copy, helping your team make updates to your PDPs that boost search rank and help shoppers find your products. This report also shows you how your competitors are using keywords to give your team a competitive advantage.

    4. Share of Search Report

    If a competitor makes their products easier for shoppers to find, you may find them outranking you regardless of the quality and price of your products. The Salsify Share of Search Report takes these competitive insights further, allowing teams to see how they rank in the search results against their competitors.

    Using all of your relevant search terms, this report calculates your percentage of the results compared to your competition. This report helps evolve strategy, helping teams expand share of search to boost ecommerce performance.

    Content Experiences Drive Digital Shelf Success

    The integrated Salsify PXM platform, combined with its Insights Content Module, gives ecommerce teams the tools needed to quickly and easily optimize PDPs. These insights are connected directly to the Salsify product information management (PIM) and activation capabilities, ensuring a seamless experience that can be leveraged to drive digital shelf success with content experiences.

    Written by: Salsify

    Salsify drives results for customers worldwide, empowering them to win on the digital shelf.

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