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    How to quickly update your product pages

    8 minute read
    by: Kelsey O'Brien
    How to quickly update your product pages

    All it takes is one error to ruin a perfectly planned product page. Whether it’s an unclear product description, a low-res or incorrect image, the wrong product dimensions, a brand name typo, or another issue, a mistake will lower your conversation rates and could cause a spike in your product return requests.

    When the error is on you own website, fixing it is often the simple matter of coordinating with your marketing or e-commerce team. But when a mistake shows up on a third-party retailer site, like Amazon or, correcting it can get a lot more complicated.

    “If we noticed a spelling mistake on a third-party retailer site, it could have been months before we were able to get it corrected,” a brand manufacturer told us. It's struggle and a pain point we hear about often.

    Each retailer has it's own way of collecting product information and getting it live on their site. It is a relatively new challenge for retailers. Only a few organizations have a truly streamlined way for brands to contribute content directly in real-time. Salsify has a direct API with Walmart. This link enables Salsify customers who are approved Walmart suppliers to make immediate changes directly to their product pages on the

    Watch the video below to see how this integration works for one of our customers, Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated. 


    Wistia video thumbnail - Wrigley Walmart Product Content Transformation using Salsify

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    Written by: Kelsey O'Brien

    Kelsey is a customer champion at Salsify. Her particular area of focus is with customers and partners using GDSN. Kelsey loves loud music, dogs, and Jeeps - preferably all at the same time.