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How to Build Consumer Trust on the Digital Shelf | Salsify

Cara Wood | March 23, 2018

You've always known that winning your consumers confidence and trust is important to winning sales, but with the headlines full of questionable data practices and the ease with which consumers can choose from an endless digital shelf for a different product, trust is now critical to your brand's success. Our consumer research uncovered new insights about what wins trust on the digital shelf.

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Shoppers value and trust brands who provide a good product experience. They are both willing to pay more and are likely to buy more often from brands that deliver relevant and useful product information throughout the buying journey.

We've written before about how consistency in your content can build consumer trust, and those tactics still apply. But in addition, you have to use that consistent content to build the right product experience for each individual buyer and leverage trusted retailer sites.

Seventy-eight percent of consumers are more likely to buy when product pages are personally relevant to them.

building customer trust online

A majority of shoppers place their trust in brands that have provided them or reviewers a good experience.

What makes shoppers trust a brand.png

And finally, it's critical to ensure you are getting product content to the places consumers trust for information. Our research found that shoppers trust Amazon and Google more than a brand themselves for the most useful product information.

which retailer provides the most useful product information.png

Read the full report to get a look at how consumers buying patterns differ by vertical and better understand their shopping channel preferences.

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