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    What Do Brands Need To Beat the Competition in DTC Ecommerce?

    November 17, 2022
    3 minute read
    What Do Brands Need To Beat the Competition in DTC Ecommerce?

    Salsify publishes a new guide explaining how brands can use a product data management solution to satisfy the needs of direct-to-consumer (DTC) shoppers.



    DTC ecommerce fills the gap between consumers and brands by cutting out the middle person — ultimately enabling better personalization, increasingly seamless shopping experiences, flexible delivery options, and more.

    It’s no surprise that Salesforce reports that 64% of shoppers worldwide buy directly from a brand on a regular basis. 

    But to power these consistent, engaging experiences, brands must be equipped with the right product information management (PIM) solution that allows them to satisfy their shoppers’ evolving need

    Why Successful DTC Ecommerce Requires a PIM Solution 

    Consumers are drawn to DTC sites with thorough product pages that include captivating enhanced content, detailed product descriptions, and useful instructional guides. 

    Constantly updating product information, however, is an extremely time-consuming process that can hinder brand growth and create internal roadblocks among teams. 

    A PIM solution solves these problems by acting as a single source of truth that allows teams to easily store and update product information — and deliver content in different languages and currencies. With a PIM solution, teams can improve their brand’s operational efficiency and drive revenue



    How To Beat Competition in the DTC Market 

    Salsify has created “The State of Global DTC Commerce: What Brands Needs To Beat the Competition in the Growing DTC Ecommerce Space” to help brands understand how a PIM solution will drive DTC success.

    In this guide, you’ll learn the following: 

    • The global opportunity available to DTC brands;
    • The difference between legacy brands and digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs); and
    • How essential a PIM is to driving successful DTC experiences.

    Brands that want to take advantage of global DTC opportunities can drive revenue with a powerful PIM solution.

    The Current State of Global DTC Commerce

    Download our guide to gain insights into the growing DTC ecommerce space and learn how a PIM solution can help your brand build a successful sales channel.


    Written by: Salsify

    Salsify drives results for customers worldwide, empowering them to win on the digital shelf.

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