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    July 12, 2018
    2 minute read

    Improving Amazon Sales Rank | Salsify

    by: Caroline Egan

    To increase sales and grow market share on the digital shelf,  winning brands focus on building a closed-loop capability for continuously optimizing the performance of their product experiences online. Take the example of ShurTech LLC, the makers of Duck® Tape, who leveraged the power of Product Experience Management to help them improve sales rank by 15% on Amazon in 4 months.

    how to improve amazon sales rank


    Under the leadership and vision of Scott Sommers, Director of Ecommerce Strategy, ShurTech has gone under a multi-year adoption of Product Experience Management to power it’s ecommerce presence. Scott wanted a more efficient and accurate process to deliver the best product experience to consumers across the digital shelf and a singular point of truth. ShurTech chose Salsify as the solution to overcome their challenges and move the needle to win on the digital shelf.

    ShurTech is comprised of a variety of subsidiaries with customers in the consumer and business sector. Managing dozens of sales channels requires understanding the requirements of each channel and being able to easily modify product information. Creating a singular point of truth has allowed ShurTech to syndicate across these channels with consistent branding.

    By perfecting internal processes to ensure product accuracy on Amazon, the ShurTech ecommerce team capitalized on their strengths and focused on optimizing their content. As an early adopter of Insights by Salsify, ShurTech was equipped with a clear action plan to enhance content on nearly 70 SKUs. Within 4 months, they saw their sales rank improve by 15% across chosen products.

    how to improve amazon sales rank


    Building a closed-loop capability for continuously optimizing the performance of a product experiences is critical to achieving success on the digital shelf. ShurTech approached increasing sales and growing market share in a manner that allows them to constantly consider what is the next action they must take to build a better product experience. Each part of their process is aligned with product experience management principles that strengthen their brand on the digital shelf.


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