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    How Mattress Maker Casper Built a Successful Ecommerce Strategy

    May 9, 2018
    3 minute read
    How Mattress Maker Casper Built a Successful Ecommerce Strategy

    Last summer, the ecommerce mattress company Casper announced that they raised 170 million dollars, with a plan to IPO in the future. Casper’s success can be attributed to many factors. The brand has a well-designed D2C site, a simplified buying process- only offering three types of mattresses, and a 100-night free return policy. This may leave you wondering how your furniture brand can compete on the evolving digital shelf.

    Selling something as personal as a mattress online requires a strong digital strategy - something Casper has perfected not only with their website, but also with an equally strong presence on Amazon. Today, I will dive into how Casper is winning on Amazon with a page that contains every element a consumer needs to make a purchase.

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    How Casper’s Amazon Page Communicates the Brand

    Casper’s Amazon page provides the ultimate product experience. The consumer is introduced to Casper through their well-designed brand page which presents a variety of their products through images, video, and descriptions.







    On the actual product page for their mattress they have six different images, including one that even shows the size box the mattress arrives in so consumers know exactly what they are getting. Casper also included five engaging bullets and a video that goes in depth into how exactly their product is engineered, so that consumers have a pretty good idea of what their sleep experience will be like without even laying on the mattress.




    In addition to the the product content they provide, their Amazon page has 713 reviews- way over the amount of top performing furniture pages, which averages at 124.3 reviews. With such a high number of reviews, Casper’s 4-star rating on Amazon means a lot more to consumers. Finding ways to encourage consumers to leave reviews about your products can make your brand a top-performer.

    It becomes pretty clear why Casper is winning ecommerce: An engaging product experience that answers every possible question a consumer might have, giving the them the confidence they need to make the purchase.

    For more statistics on how to be a winning furniture and home goods brand on Amazon, download our 2018 furniture product page benchmark report: The Winning Elements of Furniture and Home Goods Pages.

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    Written by: Clair Aguirre

    Clair Aguirre is a Marketing Co-op at Salsify, who studies marketing and Spanish at Northeastern University.

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