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    February 20, 2019
    2 minute read

    How Luxury Watch Reseller Ashford Reduced Its Time to Market to 48 Hours or Less | Salsify

    by: Natalie Behenna

    ashford watches PIM DAM Salsify

    Shoppers rely on rigorous product details and high quality images to determine whether to spend hundreds or thousands on luxury wristwatches and jewelry online. Ashford purchases large quantities of new and pre-owned inventory from brands including Rolex, Movado, and Hamilton for resale.

    The company’s business model relies on its ability to launch new products to market quickly. When Ashford’s legacy product information management system was slowing down its efforts to get products live on their own site as well as meet the variety of requirements for other retail partners, including Amazon and eBay.

    “It would be normal for the process to take up to two weeks from the time the warehouse got it to the time it was available to purchase live,” explains Ching Ng, Business Solutions Analyst at Ashford.com.

    All of that changed when the company invested in Salsify in late 2016. Offering the speed, flexibility, and efficiency needed to handle such a large number of images with varying categories and requirements, Ashford reduced time to market from 2 weeks to 24 to 48 hours. The digital photography team can now create images of each watch from a half-dozen angles, import them once into Salsify, and use an automated process to create every image, at every size, required by every partner. 

    Read the full story of Ashford's data management transformation and how the team was able to radically improve its go-to-market strategy with Salsify. 

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