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    October 18, 2017

    How Dorel Juvenile Built a Scalable Approach to Ecommerce with Salsify

    by: Andrew Waber

    For many of the large companies we work with a typical challenge during implementation can be how to get the necessary stakeholders across the organization on board in order to change old behaviors and realize all the benefits of Salsify. Dorel Juvenile, child safety product manufacturing brand, took a novel approach to galvanizing organizational support for digital transformation back in 2015. Nora Duclos, Global Ecommerce Digital Technology Manager at Dorel Juvenile, dedicated an internal team to comprehensively tackle one major “proof of concept” initiative with Safety 1st website – a major brand for Dorel Juvenile.

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    Using Salsify, Nora and her team reassessed the product content requirements of the brand site, and cataloged which assets were available or missing. Six weeks following the update to the North American Safety 1st website, the Dorel Juvenile product team tackled a new product rollout – which, as Nora describes, "was seamless."

    “The product team had total control over their content, as well as the timing of that content appearing on the brand site. This initial successful launch provided the internal respect for Salsify, as we improved the process and attained the goals we expected.”

    The subsequent success rolling out the software across Dorel Juvenile's myriad brands, sales channels, and an increasing number of geographies, underscores how Salsify provides value across an organization, and how Nora's right-size approach to sparking company-wide adoption can be adopted by ecommerce teams in larger, more complex, businesses.

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