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    July 12, 2022
    3 minute read

    How Can Brands and Retailers Build an Ecommerce Personalization Strategy? [Download]

    by: Salsify

    The demand from global consumers is apparent: They want personalized shopping experiences — and brands and retailers must have a clear strategy to create them.

    Ecommerce personalization is the process of creating personalized online shopping experiences with customer-supplied information, and it offers several powerful benefits for brands and retailers, including improved engagement, increased sales, and reduced customer churn.

    Building an ecommerce personalization strategy can help brands and retailers remain competitive and meet new consumer demands for personalized shopping experiences.

    Consumers Want Personalized Shopping Experiences

    The results are striking: 91% of global consumers say that they’re more likely to purchase from brands and retailers that provide relevant recommendations, offers, and experiences, reports professional services company Accenture.

    Shoppers are also becoming more comfortable sharing data to get personalized experiences, with Accenture also reporting that 83% of global consumers are willing to share data to gain more personalized experiences.

    The demand for personalized shopping experiences is clear, highlighting the need for brands and retailers to experiment with ecommerce personalization tactics, including:

    • Dynamic content
    • Product recommendations
    • Quizzes
    • Social messaging

    How To Build an Ecommerce Personalization Strategy

    Salsify has created “The Complete Guide to Ecommerce Personalization” to help brands and retailers explore the foundations of ecommerce personalization, including a breakdown of the global growth of this tactic and the essential steps for building an ecommerce personalization strategy.

    Learn how to evaluate customer shopping patterns. Gain insights into capturing, analyzing, and segmenting customer data.

    Explore how to optimize shopping experiences across sales channels — and customize your product content across the digital shelf.

    Download the guide to get everything you need to build an impactful ecommerce personalization plan to help drive engagement, grow sales, and reduce customer churn at your organization.

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