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    March 1, 2018
    2 minute read

    How to Build the Best Online Product Experience | Salsify

    by: Cara Wood

    It’s easy to feel like digital upstarts and Amazon private label products are actively devouring any chance traditional brands have at maintaining their market share. That’s because in many cases, category after category, brands that have depended on mass media advertising or endcaps in physical stores are losing ground. The only way to survive is adopt the tactics of your competition and take control of your product page through product experience management.

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    So, what are the winners doing? Shopper Marketing’s latest edition of Who’s Who in Ecommerce highlighted top leaders - Byron Gilstrap at Coca Cola, Stephanie Wood at Campbell U.S., Justin Odom at BIC, and Gabe Mattingly at Bayer HealthCare – for making strides in their brand’s growth online. We’re very proud that three out of the four brand leaders in the spotlight are at Salsify customer organizations. But even more telling, each leader is being celebrated not just for their focus on digital excellence, but for their team’s ability to attend to the tactics that help them succeed online.

    We released A Brand’s Guide to Product Experience Management: How to Engage Your Digital Consumer for brands looking to be successful in today’s fast-paced environment. Traditional brand strategy falls short of shoppers’ expectations. The rise of digital technology has shifted more power into the hands of shoppers. Your brand needs a reliable way to continuously deliver the engaging product experiences that consumers demand across every relevant channel to drive market share and grow margins.

    Product experience management (PXM) is how brands repeatedly win. Deliver the right content, when and where consumers need it, and you will drive purchases and build trust.

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