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    August 12, 2020
    2 minute read

    Enhance Customer Experiences With New Salsify Reviews Insights

    by: Dave Simel

    Product reviews are an essential aspect of product detail pages (PDPs) across retailers. But it's often challenging to monitor and respond to each review without dedicated resources.

    This is why we've launched Salsify Review Insights, a set of features that helps brands collect, review, and respond to customer feedback within Salsify.

    With Salsify Reviews Insights, you can:

    • Quickly respond to reviews on Amazon and use reviews data to help you optimize your content;
    • Identify manufacturing defects or logistical problems; and
    • Improve new versions of products.

    How Do Salsify Review Insights Work?

    Salsify Review Insights are part of our analytics offering, giving teams a holistic view of performance to help drive ranking and sales. This new module offers many helpful features.

    Leverage Automated Tasks for Amazon Reviews Notifications

    Insights Amazon Reviews

    Get an automated task notification for every new Amazon Review, helping your team gain efficiency and respond faster. No more waiting a week for Amazon’s review report. Use Salsify workflows so the right team member can respond quickly.

    View Consumer Sentiment Trends

    Access our unified dashboard to see trends in customer sentiment.

    Insights Workflow dashboard


    Easily Export Review Data

    Share review data across teams with our easy export option.

    Insights export reviews

    Gain Actionable Review Insights

    Review feedback alongside your product page content, which will help you quickly understand what to update.

    Turn Insights Into Action

    Salsify Reviews Insights is one of several insights modules that Salsify provides to help brands continuously improve product experiences and respond to market changes quickly.

    Learn more about Salsify Insights

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