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    November 17, 2015
    3 minute read

    Best of Breed Brands are Ready for the Future of Ecommerce. Are you?

    by: Josh Mendelsohn

    Last week we launched a new e-Book based on research conducted by our friends at Echo Cove Research. In poring through the data, one of the things that really jumped out was that only 29% of the over 200 brand manufacturers we interviewed believe that their organization knows how to capitalize on the growing ecommerce and mobile commerce markets. That’s a scary number, right?

    But I get it. Even as a consumer, trying to keep up with all of the ways to hunt for or buy a product is daunting. Wait, I can buy it on Facebook? On Twitter? On my watch? What just happened?

    And oh by the way, when I’m exploring any of those options I expect that shopping experience to be fully baked and loaded with the detailed product content I am looking for.

    Best of breed brands are ahead of the curve

    That’s probably why the best of breed brands, those that have already started implementing some sort of product content management system, are feeling better about their organizations’ prospects going forward. In fact, they are:

    • 55% more likely to know how to capitalize on the growing ecommerce and mobile markets
    • 92% more likely to feel ready to adapt to future shopping channels 

    It's actually not a big surprise that most brands do not feel confident about their ability meet the constantly emerging demands of an ecommerce and omnichannel world. The technology and processes that companies who have been around for more than a few years put in place weren't designed for this environment. They focused on hard copy outputs like physical catalogs and store shelf inserts. The speed at which they operated was on a long cycle where linear content creation was possible. And they assumed that consumers or business buyers trusted their sales team or big marketing message and didn't want or need all of the details to go through themselves. 

    Feels like a long time ago, doesn't it?

    That's why we these best of breed brands are feeling so much more prepared. They have already begun installing people, processes, and technology that are designed to adapt over time and move fast, not just for today, but also for tomorrow.

    And for companies just getting into the ecommerce game, most are wisely starting with adaptable platforms that they know they can grow with.

    What is your organization doing to get on the road to being ready?

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