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    Best Buy Launches PDM With Salsify Direct Connection | Salsify

    May 28, 2020
    2 minute read
    Best Buy Launches PDM With Salsify Direct Connection | Salsify

    Best Buy launched a product data management (PDM) platform to give vendors a single entry point for submitting both item and content data. This program replaces the PIM/CNET process the retailer was using.

    Starting today, brands can choose to deliver product content directly to Best Buy by using the Excel-based file exchange or selecting Salsify or another pre-approved, third-party (3P) provider to syndicate content.

    Take Control of Best Buy PDPs

    This launch marks a shift emphasizing a brand’s input over what content goes live on Best Buy’s ecommerce site. Before the launch of the PDM, the CNET PIM process often included overwriting or updating content that a brand sent.

    Under the new process, brands have been given full view of the Best Buy data standards, which define and provide examples for copy, images, videos, and documents. Best Buy vendors can access details of this change and the standards on the Best Buy vendor portal.

    Speed Time to Market With the Salsify Direct Connection

    Salsify’s direct connection with Best Buy allows brands to bypass the manual Excel-based file exchange process of logging into a PDM, downloading a category template, filling in data, uploading that data, and requesting feedback for validation.

    Customers using the new connection say that instead of a month-long process, new items can be set up on Best Buy with just two days' notice from their internal sales team. 

    With Salsify, brands can continuously drive better performance on Best Buy and other key retailers. Salsify centralizes product content, validates it to meet the Best Buy data standards, delivers it directly to Best Buy, and enables teams to measure product page performance inside a single platform. 

    Learn more about the opportunity you have to take control of your product page on Best Buy.

    Written by: Salsify

    Salsify drives results for customers worldwide, empowering them to win on the digital shelf.

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