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    January 17, 2020
    19 minute read

    The Messy State of Product Syndication for Brands | Salsify

    by: Peter Crosby

    Getting product content to every retailer you work with is not an easy feat. Retailers like Amazon, Kroger, The Home Depot, CVS, Walmart, Albertson's, and Walmart have different requirements. It's not possible to send one version of your product content to every retailer. Winning on the digital shelf requires strategically navigating product syndication — even if the current state of product syndication is messy.

    Rob Gonzalez, Salsify co-founder and CMO, explains how brands can find success with product syndication, despite its complexities, in our "At the Whiteboard" video series.


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    Retailers Want Unique Digital Experiences

    Retailers want their digital experiences to be unique, which is why product pages, site navigations, and merchandising strategies change from retailer to retailer — regardless of vertical.

    Retailers like Amazon and Kroger start with supply-chain data from the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), and this product data feeds into data pools. But every retailer has additional data requirements that can change from day to day, category to category.


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