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At the WhiteBoard Video: The Messy State of Product Syndication

Peter Crosby | October 16, 2017

Ever wish there was an easy button to get product content to every retailer you work with? Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, you can’t simply send one version of product content to every retailer. And those retailer requests for differentiated content are by design, as Salsify co-founder Rob Gonzalez explains in a short video about the complex, messy state of product syndication.


Wistia video thumbnail - The Messy State of Product Syndication - At the whiteboard

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Retailers want to differentiate their digital experiences from their competitors’ digital experiences. The product pages, site navigation, and merchandising strategy all change from retailer to retailer. Many retailers, including Amazon, Kroger and Boxed, start with supply chain data from GDSN and product data feeds in data pools. However, each retailer has additional data requirements of their own that can change day to day and category to category.

In addition, over time retailers have built (or inherited) distinct content collection processes with varying levels of automation. Salsify’s approach has been to automate the process as much as possible working with each retailer’s requirements and individual needs. For example, we helped co-design Walmart’s Supplier Channel API and are one of only two companies that can submit all data through that API.

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