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    November 29, 2018
    2 minute read

    5 Ways to Leverage Enhanced Content for Your Brand

    by: Cara Wood

    Whether your team calls it rich media or A+ content, the below the fold enhanced content on a retailer's page can have a major impact on your products success on the digital shelf. Overall, consumers are 25% more likely to purchase when enhanced content is present. Here are five steps to keep in mind when creating your strategy.

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    1. Determine overall strategy. For which retailers should the brand create enhanced content? Using which assets? For how many SKUs? What’s the layout format? Should the content be created in-house or outsourced to a content creation agency?

    2. Create and/or gather the digital assets and texts that will go into the enhanced content layouts. Keep in mind, the content may live in multiple places. How will edits be made? Will existing technology be used or will new technology be sourced?

    3. Compose assets and create publish-ready layouts. These layouts must be mobile-responsive and display properly on the retailer site.

    Enhanced Content by industry

    4. Publish to as many retailers as possible. Look for easy and dependable ways to broadcast enhanced brand content across several channels. Each retailer has unique requirements when it comes to accepting content and which layouts and formats they allow.

    5. Maintain and scale. Enhanced content needs to be updated and refreshed as core product content changes. Brands may also want to scale enhanced content to additional products and retailers. Connecting content to a strong PIM vendor will streamline this process.

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