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Amazon Tips for Electronics Manufacturers | Salsify

Andrew Waber | September 19, 2018

Our latest benchmark report looked at trends across the best-performing pages on Amazon in the electronics category between May and August of this year. The results are a clear indication that improving your product content and review count can make a significant difference in your product sales ranks.

The full report digs into specific lessons and takeaways based on product price points, but there are number of valuable lessons and themes regardless of the cost of your product. Here are three tactics that every electronic brand selling on Amazon should consider.

Nurture your product reviewers

amazon best practices for electronics manufacturers

Top performers on Amazon have hundreds of reviews. Direct buyers to rate and review products after they buy. The actual star rating matters less than the total number of reviews your product has received. Consider monitoring reviews to provide relevant feedback directly on the page and build trust from customers and prospects.

Demonstrate quality manufacturing with 4-5 images

Including several images that show the full product from each angle. Include images that highlight key features, material details, and answer other commonly asked questions. The high performers in this category have an average of 4 to 5 images for every product. If your product is complicated or has multiple use cases, consider including a short explainer video as part of your above the fold content as well.

Include detailed technical specifications in your product description

Product Descriptions

Provide complete descriptions that list any product specifications and compatible products. Be specific about product specs in 4 to 5 clearly worded bullets. Our research found that there is such a thing as “too long” for your product descriptions. In products priced over $300, it was better to have descriptions that did not exceed 700 words.

Since launching its private label brand AmazonBasics in 2009, Amazon has sold electronics accessories, like cables and plugs. Today, AmazonBasics covers 978 products in a number of categories that include computers, electronics, home and kitchen, automotive accessories and luggage. The site’s domination and focus on the electronic buyer is only set to grow. Amazon’s consumer electronics retail business grew more than 18.5 percent year over year – surpassing Best Buy for the first time. It’s an important time for electronics brands to improve their own product pages and get in front of electronics shoppers through Amazon.

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