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    June 1, 2018
    3 minute read

    What is A+ Content? | Salsify

    by: Cara Wood

    During our recent webinar, Build the Best Amazon Brand Experience, there were several great questions from attendees about A+ Content and we didn't get to answer them all. Mark White, CEO of Content26, took additional time to address the top three for our audience.

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    Amazon A+ Content FAQs, Best Practices, Answered

    1. What kind of data is provided for the A+ pages?

    A+ content can be found about half way down the Amazon product page. This “enhanced content” allows vendors to use images, logos, and text showcase their product’s features and benefits.

    Amazon does not provide any data around individual A+ page performance. Back in 2015, Amazon did a study of 134,000 ASINs that showed that adding A+ content to the product page increased conversion rates between 3% and 10%. Whenever Amazon cites this number, they note in the fine print that "results may vary based on numerous factors including content quality, product price, and product category."

    How do you gather data for your A+ pages? One option would be to run your own before/after test looking at units sold and page views index. Or, if you're running Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns on those ASINs, you could compare conversion rates.

    2. How does a brand start the process of getting access to A+ content (and what should you expect from costs)?

    You need an invitation from Amazon to join Vendor Central. With Vendor Central, Amazon’s retail team buys and resells your products to their customers. With Seller Central, you are selling directly to Amazon’s customers.

    Amazon Vendors have access to both Basic A+ and Premium A+ modules. Sellers have access to Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

    3. How can I enhance content and drive discoverability for seller central?

    Similar to A+ Content, Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is available in Seller Central to enhance the product description with additional text and images. In order to have access, you must be a Professional seller and have brand registry over your products. Currently, there is no Amazon fee for EBC but likely there will be in the future.

    In Seller Central, you can drive discoverability through sponsored products and headline search ads. Sponsored Products will run when your seller account has won the buy box. Headline Search ads require brand registry and will run regardless of whether the seller has the buy box. These ads increase the chance your products will be seen by Amazon shoppers and can appear in several places: above search results, within search results, and on product detail pages.

    Watch the Webinar 

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