What Is Verified by GS1? A Human Guide for Brand Manufacturers


A Human Guide for Brand Manufacturers

An efficient supply chain depends upon clean product identifiers — and perhaps for the first time since GS1 launched the barcode, the topic of unique identifiers is about to get interesting.

The humble barcode has served us well for decades but is breaking down in the face of ecommerce. Ensuring the uniqueness of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) has become a significant challenge amid the rise of the digital shelf, which is precisely why GS1 launched its newest program: Verified by GS1.

While advocates of Verified by GS1 highlight benefits like increased consumer trust and accurate product data, these wins are not direct program goals — but rather secondary, hoped-for successes.

Verified by GS1 gives brand manufacturers ownership of their product identities, empowering them to guarantee accuracy.