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    Level-Up Your Technology Stack:
    Respond to Modern Consumer Trends with a Robust PIM


    Modern commerce continues to demand greater responsiveness, flexibility and service offerings from brands, whether driven by retailers or directly by consumers.

    As retailers grapple with strategies to win in a COVID recovering economy, omnichannel execution has become table stakes - the consumer expects it. These challenging market dynamics are placing pressure on both ecommerce and IT teams alike, as well as the platforms that they utilize to serve the marketplace.

    Join Manny Ochoa, Salsify’s Commerce Strategist, and Melissa Tetreau, Principal Product Marketer, to discuss what a modern PIM looks like, why it matters, and the requirements that the market is placing on your PIM.

    This webinar unpacks:

    • The role of a PIM in a modern technology stack
    • How to manage information demands, inside and outside of the enterprise
    • How to meet data governance demands with agility and speed
    • How the Digital Shelf influences Salsify's philosophy and roadmap

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