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    Salsify Partner: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Salsify and Salesforce PIM, Commerce, and Wholesale Syndication To Drive Shopping Experiences Across the World

    One connection is good, but three connections are better — and Salsify brings three times the power for your Salesforce integration.

    As a Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner, Salsify offers the only enterprise product information management (PIM) solution designed for wherever you are in your Salesforce journey.

    For any Salsify customer that utilizes Salesforce to drive their Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Customer 360 experience, we have a deep set of bidirectional integrations to feed product content across multiple Salesforce Clouds.

    These Salesforce integration capabilities inform faster service, better marketing, and higher sales with great product content.

    A Salesforce PIM Solution for Every Stage of Your Journey


    Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Integration

    Salsify’s Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud integrated solution allows digital commerce managers to seamlessly publish product content from their Salsify PXM platform to their Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud storefronts so they can get to market faster and drive more conversions.

    • Automate product publishing: This preconfigured cartridge, now available in the Salesforce AppExchange, automates uploading your standard catalog from your Salsify PXM platform into your Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud storefronts, as well as support creating new products and updating existing products.
    • Out-of-the-box channels: Configuring multiple regions and multiple storefronts is quick and easy, allowing you to scale your business on Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud faster.
    • Expansive merchandising support: Deliver more engaging product experiences that convert faster with expanded merchandising support for a wide variety of product types and categories. Support includes images, category assignments, flexible custom attributes, and different product types such as standalone products, products with variations, product bundles, and more.


    MuleSoft Certified Connector

    The MuleSoft Connector empowers teams to automate, simplify, and expedite getting data into Salsify from upstream ecosystems securely.

    This allows business teams to confidently work with the latest, validated data, and streamline the troubleshooting, maintenance, and enhancements by centralizing the business logic and data flow definition in MuleSoft.

    Having streamlined, innovative, and scalable data ingress and integration options — like the MuleSoft Connector and Accelerators — will allow you to speed up digital transformations and efficiently scale to meet your customers’ and consumers’ demands.


    Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration (Coming Soon)

    Want to quickly publish content to Salesforce B2B and B2C Commerce Cloud on Core Lightning, with the ability to manage and publish product experiences directly to your Salesforce B2B Commerce environment from your unified Salsify Product Experience Management (PXM) platform?

    Salsify’s innovative product vision for Salesforce is an integration to Salesforce B2B Commerce that will allow Salesforce users to have access to ready and accurate product content from a trusted source of truth to create a consistent experience across every consumer touchpoint. Check out our visionary demo here. Salsify’s flexible architecture, built for the enterprise, helps your digital commerce teams perform the critical jobs to be done to efficiently drive better product experiences for search, consideration, and conversion. Ask your Salsify rep about our pilot program for this connector today!




    “In just three years with Salsify and Salesforce, we were able to launch in all four of our major regions with a global PIM and commerce ecosystem that delivered an engaging, digital experience. Now we are on to the fun stuff, rolling out personalization for even better shopper experiences.”

    — Matt Pawlowski, Senior Integrations Specialist, ASICS Digital