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    Salsify Partner Bootcamp - PXM


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    Great product experiences don’t happen in a silo. Our latest PXM messaging can help you talk to your customers about the value and results your Salsify partnership provides. Join Salsify leaders and learn more about our product category strategy and how PXM helps brands and retailers grow sales, drive efficiency and become leaders on the digital shelf.

    "PXM delivers product information in context to any channel for the best product experience for the customer and ultimately gets products to market faster with great conversion rates."  - Source: Gartner, “Market Guide for Product Information Management Solutions,” Helen Grimster, 20 September 2022

    A core part of a successful commerce strategy is delivering the best product experience everywhere. And that requires a solution - like Salsify -  that integrates other systems used to manage customer data, logistics and shipping, digital advertising and other moments throughout the product lifecycle. 

    Whether you are an implementation partner or an independent software vendor, you will learn why a PXM solution matters to business outcomes today, how the components of PXM serve your customer base, and why Salsify’s PXM platform is unique in the market.