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    The Manufacturer P&L and Levers Brands Must Pull to Drive Omni Profitability


    As retail traffic and sales shift online worldwide, Retailers are facing both new opportunities for omnichannel innovation and shopper engagement, but also compounding competitive pressures and significant financial, logistic and strategic challenges which they look to Brand Manufacturers to help solve in partnership.

    While brands can only control their own individual profit and loss statement (P&L), there is an opportunity to collaborate and leverage strategies that create mutual value for both sides. The DSI and FirstMovr have partnered to help us develop a deeper understanding of each side’s P&L, the sources of pressure, the areas of opportunity and the strategies available in-market to implement for joint benefit.

    Lauren Livak, Director of the Digital Shelf Institute, and Chris Perry, Chief Learning Officer of FirstMovr discuss the state of manufacturer’s P&L’s and how to improve profitability.