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    A Centralized Approach to Marketplace Commerce

    Reach more consumers, build a stronger relationship with them, improve your margins, and take control of your assortments.

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    More than half of global web sales1 last year took place on marketplace sites.

    1Digital Commerce 360, 2020


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    Many social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, have launched beta marketplace programs.

    And over the last two years, several major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Target, have begun encouraging brands to shift from retail wholesale towards marketplace selling.

    Marketplaces represent your brand’s opportunity to explore new routes to market.


    Gain more control over your margins, and expand your brand footprint by selling direct-to-consumers

    While consumers may not notice the difference when shopping online, marketplace selling requires the brand or distributor listing the product to manage order processing, shipping, and customer service beyond traditional wholesale commerce.

    You need a unified data platform that can manage order and inventory data from each marketplace channel alongside the core product information that powers your brand’s product listings. 

    A Strategic Approach to Marketplace Commerce

    Manage Product Data from a Single Platform Access an omnichannel view for all product and listing data, across all channels to increase speed and efficiency between platforms.
    Gain Better Control of Your Inventory View inventory and order management data across all your marketplace channels. Manage product content for both 1P and 3P channels in the same platform.
    Improve Your Margins Integrate 1P and 3P product data so you know which products perform best on each channel.
    Test and Learn with Unique Insights Understand how content optimizations impact order volume with integrated reports available in the platform.

    Salsify for Marketplace Commerce was Built to Suit the Specific Needs of Brand Manufacturers

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    Reach more consumers, improve your margins, and take control of your assortments all with Marketplace Commerce.

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