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    Webrooming is when consumers research a product online and then purchase the product in a brick-and-mortar location.

    What Is Webrooming?

    Webrooming is one example of omnichannel ecommerce shopping, in which a consumer researches a product online — including its description, specifications, reviews, and more — before purchasing the product in a physical store location.

    Many consumers use webrooming to combine the convenience and ease of online shopping with the trust and reliability of seeing products in person. This tactic is common with clothing and electronics shopping, as consumers typically like to ensure the sizing and quality of items in these product categories before buying.

    Webrooming is also the opposite of showrooming, which is the process by which a consumer browses products in store before purchasing online. Together, these shopping tactics show a shift in consumer behavior, with shoppers increasingly moving from channel to channel before making a purchase. To meet these new shopping habits and increase conversions, businesses need to create seamless pathways between online and in-person shopping channels.

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