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    Value Statement

    A value statement is a short description of the principles and values that drive a business and the decisions teams make according to their culture.

    What Is a Value Statement?

    Businesses benefit from identifying not only what they do but why they do it. Every business has values and principles that guide its decisions within its market, and a value statement helps identify and articulate these core ideals.

    A successful value statement is both inspirational and achievable, setting the foundation for the business’s culture. And it should communicate both internal and external values.

    Internally, how do you want employees to behave? What kinds of qualities do you value in your teams? What goals do you want teams to work toward?

    Externally, how does your business connect with larger cultural or social issues? What do you stand for? What parameters do you work under, and what issues guide your decisions?

    Outlining a value statement is critical for today’s businesses. But following and acting on those values is even more critical. Consumers want to trust that brands mean what they say.

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