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    Touchless Transactions

    Touchless transactions are payment options that allow a customer to purchase a product or service without making contact with another human or piece of technology.

    What Are Touchless Transactions?

    Touchless transactions are purchases made without direct human-to-human contact. They provide customers with a quick, easy, sanitary way to pay for their products or services.

    There are many different types of touchless transactions: Tap-to-pay enables a customer to touch their credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet to a payment processing tool to make a purchase. Other point-of-sale setups allow customers to make a purchase simply by hovering a card near a processing tool. Still, others process payments via a key fob or QR code.

    In each of these cases, the transaction relies on a wireless connection between the payment tool and the processing system, triggering a payment from the customer’s bank account to the business. Because the customer doesn’t need to type in a PIN or zip code to complete the purchase, touchless transactions are typically faster and easier than other payment methods.

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