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    Sustainable Retail

    Sustainable retail is when retail organizations take measures to ensure their business, manufacturing, and production processes don’t negatively impact the environment.

    What Is Sustainable Retail?

    A growing number of consumers are exercising their values through their dollars, shopping specifically at organizations that actively work toward a positive environmental impact. Sustainable retail is a central approach to eco-friendly product manufacturing, shipping, and selling, one that — when done well — not only helps reduce carbon emissions and waste but also wins consumers’ business.

    Several factors affect sustainable retail practices, including:

    • The supply chain: Sustainable retailers work with supply chain partners who adhere to environmental standards and minimize environmental harm.
    • Product materials and ingredients: These retailers make and/or sell products that comprise environmentally safe materials sourced from replenishing sources.
    • Product packaging: Many sustainable retailers use recycled or reused product packaging, typically made out of compostable materials.

    As the climate change crisis continues to grow and consumers continue to advocate for better sustainability practices, businesses that don’t address this issue risk losing to environmentally conscious competitors.

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